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About The NPC Daily store NPC Daily is a satire site, providing political and cultural commentary with wanton sarcasm; this store reflects some of their popular themes and memes... NPC Daily pokes fun of modern journalism and liberalism. If you believe one of our articles is real, it’s because the content is not too far adrift from what is published by mainstream news outlets. But, alas, our content is totally fictitious and is created to elicit laughs and bemusement. NPC Daily doesn’t support physical or verbal attacks against anyone for any reason. We can assume no responsibility for anyone’s feelings or thoughts. We are blessed to live in a country that allows free speech, with laws that specifically shield humor from defamation and libel lawsuits. If you feel the need to complain about our content, we suggest you talk to your mother or a women’s study professor. If these t-shirts and other products might trigger negative emotions or if you choose to take offense, we recommend you exit the site and do not further consume the award-winning humor created by our authors, who have been specially trained in long-form sarcasm. About GFM Games Fans Merch is a leading technology merchandise fulfillment startup based out of Orlando, Florida. We partner with exciting brands on social media, influencers, and game developers/publishers to bring affordable and quickly delivered high quality merch! We are focused on the sales and support so our partners can focus on the quality content and services that they offer while allowing you, the fan, to wear snazzy shirts and add adorable stickers to your laptop for the world to see!